Military Flight Simulator

Feel the Emotion of a Real Top Gun

The Dynamic flight simulator is designed and built around a steel frame and equipped with an extremely reactive motion system.

The device is provided with a complete flight control system.


» Steel framework with ergonomic seat.
» Dolby Surround System.
» Under-the-seat vibration system.
» D-Motion System with three 1.5″ actuators assisted by the control unit.
» Complete flight control system.
» Multi-function USB board.
» Monitor frame and high performance desktop PC.
» Three 42 inches Full HD monitors.
» Microsoft Flight Simulator.


The Flight Simulator is provided with X-plane Pro.

This piece of software has been developed by Microsoft and used by many aeronautics to train pilots.
The software customer service is directly provided by Microsoft.


The device can be equipped with a curve screen and an over-head projector. It can be also provided with a wide range of flight control units.

The flight simulator is available for rent.