Professional Truck Simulator

Show Your Real Truck Driver Nature

The Truck Simulator – Truck Sym Pro is the best Made in Italy technology available for professional and extremely realistic truck driving simulation.

Made from a real truck cab with all its controls and based on real movement dynamics, the Truck Driving Simulator recreates all the real motion axes.


  • 3 50-inch TV full hd
  • 1 TV integration
  • 1 movement platform 5 DOF powered at 220V with 3 USB
  • Platform dimensions: 150cm x140 cm approx. Weight 2.5 qt
  • 1 pc game
  • 1 steering wheel osw
  • 1 doby
  • 1 sequential gearbox


The installation of the simulator is simple thanks to the structure equipped with wheels for moving.

The device set up is very easy and it comes with all components already assembled.

Truck Sim Pro Truck Simulator Software

The most popular simulation softwares can be configured currently.

The Professional Truck Driving Simulator is available for sale and rent.