Formula E Pro Simulator

Feel the adrenaline of a real Formula E pilot

Formula E Simulator Pro is one of the most advanced professional single-seat race car simulator on the market.

The Formula E Racing Simulator has been developed through a series of tests with professional test drivers.
It is the Formula 1 Simulator hardware with Formula E configuration with software Assetto Corsa.
The tests led to a rationalization of the dynamic motion system that works on three main axis of rotation (pitch, roll and yaw). The steering and braking systems as well as pedals and gear-shifts on the steering wheel are professional and developed by professional drivers. They provide an extremely realistic sensation.

What users say of the device:
» The circuits are reproduced in every single detail!
» The simulator lets you feel the track!
» Realistic reactions to the surface condition and kerbs!
» Extraordinary accuracy in acceleration and braking!
» Extreme force-feedback system!


» Dynamic platform on bearing monocoque.
» Three axis of rotation: pitch, roll and yaw.
» High responsiveness and precision handling.
» Professional quality of driving controls.
» Quick and easy adjustment of the pedals.
» Single seat race car style monocoque.
» Realistic force feedback with adjustable values up to a maximum torque of 8 Nm.
» Multifunction display that provides information such as lap times, gear and engine rpm.


The device can be powered by a domestic power supply. The maximum energy consumption is far below domestic standards (1,4 kW/h).


The device set up is very simple and only consists of the assembling of the simulator.


The software, with DirectX 11 graphics card, has cutting-edge physics engine and a sophisticated tire mathematical model for fully recreating driving conditions at the limit.


The software allows you to set 4 levels of difficulty in order to make the simulator available to everyone from amateurs to professional pilots.


The software contains the following circuits:
» Hong Kong

The Formula E Pro Racing Simulator is available for rent.
The Certified pre-owned units are offered at a promotional price with the chance to reduce even more the capital to invest with the lease.